Tomato seedlings survive the heat-wave and fierce sun

I started my seeds-to-garden a little bit late this year. Between a surprisingly long-lived, ice-bound spring and living in a new homestead, it seems I have waited a bit long to plant my want-to-become-a-garden seeds. After finally germinating (all 3 seeds in each of 2 pots), they did pretty well inside the house, soaking in the sun through the window, and a few weeks ago I finally transplanted them to larger buckets outside on the porch. Things went pretty smoothly with the transplanting (the seedlings were grown in peat pots that are meant to go into the final living arrangements to nourish the young plants), and life on the porch was looking like a win. Then the great heat-wave came crashing down upon us, and it seems 3 of the tomato seedlings just could not take the heat. All 3 had fallen over just at the point where they enter the ground. I wanted to blame the dog, or clumsy self, but now believe it may have been extreme heat prostration. Seems this breed does not care for the heat, and it looks like the 3 plantlets will probably die. Will keep you posted. Also, once the thriving tomato plants actually flower and fruit, I can report back on which breed of tomato I had success with. Next year I will definitely start more seeds, much earlier in the season. A larger plant would have made it through this first heat-wave, I am certain.

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