tiny tomato fruits on the vine: porch gardening success

Well, this is my second year attempting a porch garden up here in the west hills of  pdx. Last year (2011) I tried my hand at growing a few plant types from seeds. My living arrangements are such that the whole house is accessible by our feline, Kingston. And if there is one thing that cat loves, it’s gardening. Of course, he “gardens” aggressively with his mouth and fangs. Many plants have fallen beneath his mighty paw. Anyhow, very few of my seedlings lived to make it out to the porch containers. This year (2012) I decided to try my luck with some plant starts, knowing that they would need to be hardy enough to move directly into their porch containers and away from Kingston’s purview. I picked up some hearty looking cherry tomato starts back at the end of April, and they have grown into some great looking plants, which are currently flowering and have some tiny fruit already set on the vine. Score! I know, just because I see tiny fruits now does not mean they will actually make it to my mouth, but here’s to hoping.

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