Portland cold snap tough on the winter birds

This morning I discovered a tiny victim of the recent cold snap here in Portland – a tiny bird body lay beside the path to the design studio. Last night’s cold and windy conditions must have been unrelenting for that tiny feathered form. Minimally the little avian was not on the inside of the bird huddle through the long dark night.

We have bird feeders hanging from our upper story, and help supply food to the local birds that stay through the winter here in the west hills. Mostly we see chickadees and nuthatches, but the dead fellow from this morning was of another species, unknown to me. Still sad, though.

The tiny wild bird’s passing was noted, and, to some small degree mourned. No one wants to be the tiny body stuck outside of the bird huddle on a brutally cold night. The body has been removed from the walking path and deposited beneath a tree – returned to the wild to become food for other creatures. Here’s to hoping that everyone who seeks shelter and warmth finds enough to make it through the night.

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