ootheca burn: where have the mantids gone?

Well, I am sad to report that my wonderfully anticipated praying mantis ootheca has yet to produce anything. Sigh. It’s been well over 2 weeks (the minimum needed for the egg mass to hatch), and the weather has been freakin’ warm. Seriously warm for the Pacific Northwest. It’s now mid-August, and the weather situation is not going to get much finer for the bugs or the plants. The little paper bag on the front porch is known house-wide as “the bag of disappointment” currently. I know I am still secretly hoping the mantid babies will show up any day now, but the summer will be over soon. How can they hope to come out and thrive if it’s not soon? It has been suggested that I place the egg sack deep into the local shrubbery and use my imagination to play out a future where they actually do hatch, even though I do not get to witness it. It does suck to think I manage to pick a dry one, or maybe one that actually hatched last year. If the mantids do show up, you can count on pictures of the grand event.

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