Motorboat: young west hills feline

Over the last few weeks I have seen a charming new addition to the local landscape – a young mackerel tabby cat with long ear tufts and a notably long tail. Originally, I avoided contact. I am a sucker for animals, most especially young, seemingly in need sorts. After seeing the handsome cat a few times, though, I was caught outside when he was wandering through. A striking looking young feline, he has no collar. He seems generally well fed, and is friendly as all hell. He also loves to purr. Hence, his name – Motorboat. Since I was caught outside, I decided to make contact. I made some friendly clicking noises to get his attention – from 3 long jumps away I heard the purr kick in. So friendly and sweet natured, he is a charmer. Now, I am worried about his health and safety. My BF saw him 2 days ago way across the neighborhood while he was out riding his bike. And last night we saw him on the uphill road – he had to climb straight into the hillside brush to avoid us and another car coming down the narrow windy road. What if he has no home? I would like to give him a home, and “put a ring on it”. That is, give him a collar and make sure he has his shots and plenty to eat. Come on by, Motorboat.

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