moonlight melonmounter – grey demanding hillside raider

I recently made the decision to begin offering food to one of the local cats on the hill. He’s big and grey, and seems like he might have a home somewhere. Or maybe not. It also seems possible that he simply has a number of places on his hill route to stop in and try for a hand out. He seems more domestic than feral, but I can definitely say that he is a rather demanding bastard. We call him Gene Harrogate, after the moonlight melonmounter featured in Cormac McCarthy’s book – Suttree. Gene is most notable in that he arrives in the rain, hunches under the eaves that cover our trash can area and he punked out my dog from day one. He also has a terrible meow, and utilizes it to demand food if he catches you at home when he is in need. A successful marauder, there are days I regret my decision to befriend the needy grey beast.

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