Military nomenclature: DOD naming conventions stand out every time

If you have ever served in the U.S. military, there’s a good chance you can spot military nomenclature immediately when seen in the press, or when you overhear it. There is something inelegant and awkward about many of the names, even while struggling to encompass some large overarching data set. That is, on one level the name will make perfect sense – it seeks to clearly and uniquely describe an item, and generally speaks to the utilization of said item. What does it do? The full military nomenclature will break it down for you. Today I saw an excellent item clearly named by the Department of Defense – the Inverted Multi-Purpose Ballistic Tomahawk Bayonet. That’s right, according to the Duffelblog (military equivalent of the Onion) the IMBTB is slated to replace the bayonet add-on for M-16’s.  Even though the IMBTB does not exist, it’s clear that the authors at DB know all about how you would name such an item.

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