Lemon cucumber starts: against all odds

Each year I attempt a small porch garden, and usually there are more plant deaths to report than tales of success. In 2012, I am having something of an amazing year with the plants of the porch realm. I have some thriving cherry tomatoes (several small fruits have already been spotted!) which are mid-flower, and suggest a mighty harvest could occur in the coming weeks. Will have to report back. The real miracle of the porch are the lemon cucumber plant starts I got last month. The plant seedlings looked great when I purchased them over at City Farm in St. Johns. I got them transplanted into their porch pot, and things seemed okay. Night time temps were still pretty chill, so I kept them inside. Within 48 hours, one of the three seedlings had been crushed against the side of the container. I am sort of shocked Kingston (my gardening feline buddy – he attends to all plants inside the domicile) waited a day to kill the tiny plant. Still, that meant they had to go outside to live…the cold weather rather stunted them, I think. Against all odds, yesterday afternoon I noticed something surprising and wonderful. The tiny, battered, stunted looking lemon cukes are starting to flower!

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  1. Tiger

    Mighty Cuuuuccccummmber!!!

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