Kingston has a plaid new year

Kingston's plaid collar

For being such a photogenic feline, Kingston has developed a bit of camera shyness over the years. I am not entirely sure if he is shy or just wants you to really work for each and every shot. E took about 5 different pictures of me and my plaid collared buddy, with this being the best of the batch. You can see a little bit of his profile and cocked ears, plus his festive collar.

Kingston is our adopted rescue cat, and he is a very affectionate (needy) and awesome smoke tabby. The experts on the interwebs tell me that the proper name for his coat pattern is Black Smoke Mackerel Tabby. The cat ladies who fostered him prior to our adoption believed he was an Egyptian Mau half breed. The Egyptian Mau is a pretty amazing looking feline, with a colorful history. You can see some fine examples of the smoke markings on some cats who seem to love the camera.

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