industrious spiders of summer: catch and release

Dang, but the local spiders are busy in these warm summer months! Yesterday I turned off the upstairs box fan for a few hours of cooler overcast weather. A short time later I noticed that a tiny opportunistic spider had already incorporated the silent box fan into his master web plan. All I can say is, damn! I am inspired by the rapid inclusion of new opportunities by my eight legged friends. We have a capture and release to the outdoors policy at the tree-fort, so whenever possible unwanted visitors are cupped and tossed out on the porch vines to make their way. I was also surprised this morning by a large and active spider inside the car. Has he been in the car for awhile? He seemed well fed. Are there enough bugs inside my car to keep a spider in good health? That idea is less than appealing, I gotta say. Maybe he was a recent transport, which suggests he arrived riding myself or my bf. Arachnids have my respect and admiration already Рnow they seem to be trying to recruit me!

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