Declare by Tim Powers: cold war spies and djinn

I recently finished up Declare, and I have to say I am sorry to have that world closed off to me. It was a very engaging book, and even ended reasonably, but I am still sad that Andrew Hale is no longer a part of my reading life. Like all the other Powers’ books I have read, this one caught me up in its spell and made me want to know more about great entities and deities, and how humans can align with these powers, or interact with them. The super-stars of this book were the Djinn entities, the protective angel of Russia, and the collective djinn city to be found on Mount Ararat. Add a little Arabian Nights spice with time among the Bedu and the great Saudi Arabian desert and you have a taste of the ground this narrative covers. If I ever wanted to meet a genie before, the interactions described in this tale suggest the best case would be knowing someone who had the experience and was willing to talk to you about it. Meeting the djinn, or being the focal point, seems to be pretty detrimental to humans – would you make your sanity roll?

Tim Powers: Declare

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