Chuck Palahniuk: Lullaby

Such a thin but potent book – Lullaby clocks in at 260 pages, and it was a quick and engaging read. With a number of simplistic, yet intense ideas this book rockets along from page 1. In the midst of grappling with a number of seemingly outlandish ideas (do you believe in magic or the power of the spoken word?), you have little time to ponder if you believe or even can believe such a premise or not – while you were considering it, the characters ran ahead of you to the next brightly lit scene. That the protagonist, Carl Streator, is some sort of modern hero motivated by his own horrifying experiences with a culling song is sometimes hard to recall amidst all of the unusual concepts and effects of said concepts. When the ideas play out in this written world, you’re caught up considering what would you do if it were you? Can a man who can’t control a seemingly god-like power thrust into his life be a hero? Maybe he can’t help but be a hero, since he did not seek the crazy power he was given, and he did make repeated efforts to contain it, and keep it out of the hands of others. I’d tell ya more juicy details, but I do not want to spoil it. Lullaby left a big imprint on me and you should pick up a copy for yourself. It’s intense.

Chuck Palahniuk is skilled and crafty and daring. Often mind blowing. His presentation of the human condition resonates all too well, maybe especially when his characters are buried in the frightening¬†minutiae of daily life. It’s all in the skillfully presented details – just remember some things cannot be unseen or unread. ;)

Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk 

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