Baby mantids coming soon: coolest garden accessory ever

I recently discovered that you can purchase praying mantis eggs to hatch and release into your garden. How awesome is that?! I recently went to St. Johns based City Farm and bought my own mantis egg sack for $5.95 or there-abouts. For your money you get a refrigerated egg casing on a twig that requires a few weeks of warm weather to hatch. Each egg case is said to contain between 100 and 200 potential mantis babies. It sounds awesome! I have my mantid egg casing out on the porch near my small container garden (go cukes, go cherry tomatoes!). The instruction card says they will likely hatch in the morning, and if you want to get any sense of the hatching event you have to enclose the egg case in a paper bag. Process noted, and instructions followed. Each morning I go out and check the mantis bag to see if the event has occurred or is occurring. So far, no dice. I have about 1.5 weeks until I can expect to see the tiny triangular headed insects emerge, but I check every day just in case they burst forth early. Go mantis bomb! Seems the proper name for the mantis egg casing is ootheca. Thank you wikipedia!

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